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ACI-PCPC Comments to FDA – Antimicrobial monograph
The American Cleaning Institute and the Personal Care Products Council filed detailed comments (June 16, 2014) with the Food and Drug Administration asking for changes in proposed rules governing antibacterial soaps and ingredients. The groups said the FDA’s proposal could eliminate consumer access to these products  and “would increase the risk and level of exposure of the general population to bacteria, which could lead to increased infection and disease.”

Triclosan Plays “Beneficial Role” for “Millions of People”, FDA Told
The Food and Drug Administration will find that there is sufficient information available “demonstrating the safety and efficacy” of triclosan, according to the American Cleaning Institute. In formal comments submitted to the Agency June 16, 2014, ACI said that triclosan-containing antibacterial wash products “play a beneficial role in the daily hygiene routines of millions of people throughout the U.S. and worldwide. They have been and are used safely and effectively in homes, hospitals, schools and workplaces every single day.” Read ACI’s full comments here.

Antibacterial Ingredient Chloroxylenol: “Long History of Safe Use”
Soaps containing the antibacterial ingredient chloroxylenol have a long track record of human and environmental safety which is supported by science-based, transparent risk analyses. In comments to the Food and Drug Administration June 16, 2014, the American Cleaning Institute said the Agency did not appropriately assess the safety data that are available prior to proposing that additional data are necessary to support the use of chloroxylenol in consumer antibacterial washes. ACI’s complete comments can be accessed here.